Beautiful spaces that invite you into the great outdoors.

If your outdoor living is suffering because of an uninviting backyard, imagine the possibilities of a landscape transformation. You will experience more use and value out of a thoughtfully designed and installed patio with all of the features on your must-have list. Our goal is to maximize your outdoor living space—and make it as inviting as possible.

  • Brick and paver patios

  • Outdoor Fireplaces and fire pits

  • Pergolas

  • Landscape lighting

  • Water features (ponds, waterfalls, and fountains)

  • Retaining walls and seating walls

We stand behind our work! Our installation teams provide top tier services, whether you want to add a comfortable seating area or create a dream landscape with every type of feature you can imagine. We consider your needs, your land, traffic patterns, accessibility, and, of course, aesthetics to deliver an outdoor living solution designed for you.

Depending on if you want a new driveway for an elegant “welcome home” feeling; a beautiful walkway that makes people slow down and savor their surroundings; a patio that will become a hub for outdoor entertaining; retaining walls to manage soil and define spaces; an arbor over a walkway or a trellis or pergola over a patio; or custom decorative stonework that provides the details that make your landscape exceptional, we will custom-design and install each element so that it perfectly meets your needs!

Many homeowners are concerned about the impact of construction on their property. Where heavy machinery is needed, our mini-excavation equipment (mini-excavators and skid-steer tractors) fits into tighter spaces and between buildings while minimizing disturbances outside the areas under construction.


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“We could not have been happier with the advice, workmanship, and service Frank and his staff provided us. This family business is an example of how pride of ownership and good old-fashion hard work achieves great results.

My wife and I go with our gut when choosing our contractors, and right away we knew Birch Hill was the best option. The price was competitive but fair. The job was finished on time and with quality (using high grade materials and plants).

Within the first few weeks of completion, several neighbors stopped over to say they loved what we did with the yard. Many of which took Frank’s name and number for future reference. Overall, the service surpassed our expectations.”
— Avon, CT