Sit back and relax. We’ll take care of your landscaping.

Keeping your commercial or residential landscape healthy and beautiful is an ongoing effort. Birch Hill offers weekly and seasonal grounds maintenance programs for residential and commercial customers. Let our experienced grounds maintenance crews take care of all the necessary tasks, so you can enjoy your landscape instead of worrying about it.

  • Lawn care: mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and aeration

  • Pest and weed control

  • Garden care: planting seasonal flowers, mulch, fertilizing, and weeding

  • Tree and shrub care: pruning, shaping, and fertilizing

  • Plant disease treatment

  • Hardscape cleaning and power washing to extend the life of your outdoor living spaces and keep them looking their best

  • Seasonal cleanup: leaf and debris removal

All outdoor spaces require some level of maintenance. Our crews get the job done thoroughly and quickly to ensure your property looks great, by using state-of-the-art equipment, proven horticulture techniques, and meticulous attention to the ongoing needs of your living landscape.

Fertilization: keeping your grass green all season.

Proper fertilization is key to maintaining a strong, vibrant lawn that is resistant to pests, extreme weather, and disease. Our lawn care experts carefully examine your lawn and identify its needs and challenges. We then utilize the best practices and fertilizers available to keep your grass properly nourished throughout the year.

Our lawn care fertilization program includes:

  • Early-season fertilization to give your lawn a great head start

  • Pre- and post-emergent weed control

  • Summer fertilization to help grass thrive in hot temperatures

  • End-of-season fertilization to help grass overwinter and come back strong next year

  • 1 limestone application

  • 1 grub control application

  • We can add additional late spring/early summer or mid/late summer fertilizer as needed

DIY lawn fertilization often results in fertilizer burns and an imbalance in the nutrients grass needs to thrive specific times of the year. Your lawn deserves the best care, and with our comprehensive fertilization services, you can finally have the lawn of your dreams by letting our pros take care of your lawn!


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“We are extremely happy we chose Birch Hill to design and install our landscaping. We are thrilled with the new look of our yard. Frank and his team exceeded our expectations!

From our initial meeting with Frank, we found him to be very professional and easy to work with. Our calls were always answered at the office, and if Frank wasn’t available, he returned our phone calls promptly (something we didn’t find with any of the other landscape companies we researched). It’s obvious Frank cares about quality work. After his team installed our grass and front yard plants, we left for a two-week vacation. When we returned, several neighbors told us that Frank had come by many times to check that the yard was being watered correctly and watered it himself when needed. And since we’ve been home, I’ve looked outside many times to see Frank or his team checking on the yard.

We’re very pleased with the look of our new yard, and we’ll continue to use Birch Hill for all our future landscaping maintenance. We would highly recommend Frank and his team to anyone.”
— West Hartford, CT