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Connecticut Landscape Construction

Serving West Hartford, Newington, Wethersfield, Avon, Farmington, & Simsbury, CT

Our landscape construction crews build and install hardscape features that will compliment your overall landscape and the softscape (the flowers, shrubs and trees) features of the property. We work closely with you to design these features to your specifications and offer suggestions on design and various options on materials to meet your budget and acheive your desired look.

Mini-excavators are very usefull in landscape work

Where heavy machinery is needed our mini-excavation equipment often does the trick. Mini-excavators and skid-steer tractors fit into tighter spaces and between buildings while minimizing disturbanaces outside the areas being worked on. They also save time and expense on labour and manage the heavier lifiting and soil movement.

Walkways and Driveways

Walkway with interlocking paver stones

Walkways and driveways are a functional aspect of your landscape that can be designed to also complement the aesthetic appearance of your property and how it interacts with your green areas. Various surfacing options are available from crushed gravel, concrete, natural stone such as flagstone, and man made bricks and stone pavers.


Back yard patio constructed from brick pavers

Patio surfaces make for usefull areas of your landscape as places for entertaining, eating, barbequing or just plain relaxing on a chair in the sunshine. Patios can be surfaced with a range of materials from stone to conrete or even wood. Let us help design and then construct the type of patio you want in your yard.

Retaining Walls

Retainting wall feature that includes stairs and planting beds

Retaining walls hold back earth to keep it from eroding and collapsing. They can be placed in a step format with planting areas in between each level to make for an attractive landscape feature. Retaining walls can be constructed from a wide range of materials such as large natural stones and boulders, man made bricks and blocks, as well as presure treated lumber.

Arbors, Trellises and Pergolas

A beautiful trellis over a small patio

An arbor over a walkway or a sun trellis or pergoal over a patio, or part of a patio make for wonderfully attractive landscape features. They add a touch of classic architecture to your garden areas and provide space for hanging baskets or climbing plants for a verticle component to your landscape. We can design and construct the perfect feature for your garden.

Decorative Stone Work

A great walkway and small patio area constructed with natural flagstone

There are lots of options for the use of stone in your landscape. Walkways and paito surfaces can use flagstone, Interlocking brick pavers or cobblestones that come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Large natural boulders can be used for smaller, stepped, retaining walls or as stand alone features in a planting bed. Retaining walls can also be constrcuted with various types of bricks or concrete blocks.

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