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Please fill out this form to apply for a position at Birch Hill Landscape & Design

Note: If you have a resume in a MS Word document you may skip the sections of this form for education and employment history, providing your resume has that info. Simply attach your resume file using the 'Upload Resume' feature at the bottom of this form

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Information to the Applicant

As part of the procedures for processing your employment application, your personal and employment references may be checked. If you have misrepresented or omitted and facts on this application, and you are subsequently hired, you may be discharged from your job. You may make a written request for information derived from this checking of your references.

If necessary for employment, you may be required to: supply your birth certificate or other proof of authorization to work in the US, have a physical examination and/or drug test, or to sign a conflict of interest agreement and abide by its terms.

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Equal Employment Opportunity

While many employers are required by federal law to have an Affirmative Action Program, all employers are required to provide equal emaployment opportunity and may ask your national origin, race and sex for planning and reporting purposes only. This information is optional and failure to provide it will have no affect on your application for employment.

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